If you are a programmer/tech worker and you *still* are not using a password manager, then (a) you need to drop everything and pick one out, learn to use it, and start using it; (b) you need to start teaching others to do so.

You’ve heard that the left, contemptuous of bourgeois morality, boldly lies for the sake of securing equality.

What if I told you that the real definition of leftism is the use of the most convenient lies to gain raw power?

All the hysterical leftists who think Kyle Rittenhouse was some sort of unhinged racist white supremacist should just watch Tucker Carlson’s interview with him. It’s not that long and, look, this is just a great kid. Really.

Fascinatingly candid and revealing interview with the liberal theologian who made the golden vagina (really). She actually said it: “I love self-righteousness like I love chocolate.” OK then.

I remember when it was regarded as unseemly for any politician to comment on any court case involving private individuals.

Kyle was attacked by three (more, actually) violent aggressors. He instigated nothing. These are *facts*.


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