“O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

If the answer has sadly become “no,” it is not because the banner is gone, but the land.

Prove it, Americans. Prove me wrong.

Listen, Americans: if you let this vaccine mandate thing go through, you can no longer call this “the Land of the Free.” It is no longer a free country. You will have proven your contempt for freedom and cowardice in protecting it.

The fact that your ideas about a thing are vague and unspecified does not entail that the thing itself is vague and unspecified. It might be highly detailed and very different than you imagine.

This is the resistance anthem of medical totalitarianism. Felt like sharing it again. I watch it often. Astonishing that it does not have hundreds of millions of views.

Look at Twitter’s “top” results for #IWillNotComply. So much ugly humanity on display. So many people gleefully wishing unemployment and death on others—apparently unaware of what they are revealing about themselves. Totalitarian drones.

There is no good OSS book reading app, which is a pleasurable front-end to culturally essential free books. Why not?

If you’re a dev who can write one that has a UX as good as or better than Kindle Reader, I can get you paid. Srsly. Let’s talk.

You are simply dead wrong if you want to mandate the jab. It is unconstitutional and deeply immoral. It violates our bodily autonomy, and with a new, *still* not FDA-approved, and still very much experimental gene therapy.

It’s our choice.

Does anyone know where I can read up about methods of downloading Internet Archive books and other data in big tarballs? If I wanted to make a backup of everything, and I could afford it, excluding the copyrighted stuff, could I do so?


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