Facts: Colin Powell was fully vaccinated, 84 years old, and had a multiple myeloma, a cancer that weakened his immune system.

Genius Twitterers: “Powell was killed by unvaccinated people!!!”

What’s the word for a conspiracy theory that is not proven, but which is objectively very well-supported by the evidence?

There should be such a word. “Conspiracy fact” is lazy and wrong.

What are the best PR agencies that work with Wikipedia to help people deal with libelous claims in articles about them?

All answers welcome, but I’d most especially like to hear from happy customers, either here or elsewhere.

If you want to complain about conspiracy theorists, maybe don’t argue in the same breath for “global rules” for reining in “disinformation on the social media platforms” that “plays into Russia’s interest.”


Tucker covers “Let’s go Brandon” as well as hospital/department closures due to understaffing (due to resignations over the vaxx mandates).

But, as he points out, it’s all really just Russian propaganda, you know.

How pathetic is it that a couple of guys who at least claimed to be libertarians (i.e., Jimmy Wales and me), were the founders of an encyclopedia that came to be a propaganda organ of the far left?

Very. Very pathetic.


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