It would be handy for social media in general to enable people to create collaborative, wiki–style documents right within the app. Sometimes, a discussion needs to be collaborative. 

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The damage is deliberate. Cities, falling apart because councils deliberately stopped enforcing basic laws. Businesses, deliberately destroyed by lockdowns. A new underclass, created by open borders. Gene therapy forced upon all.

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Let the WEF itself tell you about the Great Reset, which they totally acknowledge sounds like “buzzword bingo masking some nefarious plans for world domination.”

They know lots of their ideologicla allies want you dominated.

You fools who, even now, maintain that the rational, scientific thing is to obey your government masters must not have heard about all the scientists, including Nobel prize-winners, who have been leading the charge against the Covid hype.

Images of people gathering together in 2021 to fight for their freedom in modern Western states, like Australia, are incredible to me. History in the making, and forever putting our oppressors to shame.

Must watch. Please.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, “an experienced trial lawyer licensed in Germany and California,” draws all the implied conclusions about the criminal Covid hoax explicitly, albeit in a measured and researched way.

Any government that is forcing its citizens to take a vaccine has an absolute moral obligation to reveal the contents of the vaccine, even if it means paying the pharmaceutical corporation for the formula.