It looks like…get this…YouTubers don’t actually agree that YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki deserved a “Free Expression Award.” LOL shocking!

The reason that some cities are legalizing theft (yes) is that they want to set up a system in which only employees hand over the goods after receiving money in electronic form.

No, Hacker News, I am not “working on a decentralized encyclopedia.” I’m done starting encyclopedias. I am working on tools and standards to network together all the encyclopedias in the world. See

It really, really pisses off the Establishment that there is a recalcitrant subset of the population that refuses to be indoctrinated.

I think we’ve learned in the last few years that some people who claim to be victims are actually liars playing a deeply cynical game.

In the (extremely important) identity systems of the future, if you want to own your own identity—which you should—owning your own domain name is almost certainly going to be a requirement.

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Of course, the reason that the left fights Covid and global warming is that they are both avenues to dictatorial centralized control. Solving real social problems is not.