We need much harsher sentencing of child molesters. They need to be scared—very scared.

Watch this for an investigator’s perspective on catching the bad guys, and how prevalent the problem is.

I am told we have about 16 Minifeed installs—that is the self-owned social media software we are developing. If you can honestly commit to using it, and have a domain name, we can both install and host yours, gratis. Let me know.

By now I hope you can see, if you did not see it before, how deeply important robust doctrines of objective morality and rationality are to securing a civilization.

Without them, civilization disintegrates.

FDA approval of a vaccine does not mean the vaccine is safe. You know who supplies 45% of the FDA’s funding? “Industry user fees” aka Big Pharma.

Tactical point: when the left falsely accuses you or your race or your religion or politics as “white supremacy,” respond to them as if they said “white supremacism.” Make them *own* and attempt to *defend* their shameful calumny.

What’s email? A single, open network.
What’s the blogosphere? A single, open network.
What’s Twitter? A closed network.
What are ActivityPub, Matrix, and Diaspora? Multiple, unintegrated, but open networks.

Isn’t it interesting how, even as the Establishment does all it can to label assorted opinions as mere “conspiracy theories,” it becomes increasingly unobjectionable to own up to being a conspiracy theorist in certain cases?