This so-called president pretends like he’s the victim of circumstances beyond his control, rather than the very public, very obvious cause of them.

Such a pitiful excuse for a leader. I’m disgusted watching this speech.

People-rating apps inherently suck. “Clout” and “cred” and self-promotional apps are the bottom-feeders of the Internet.

TIL about something called BitClout, just when it is apparently dying.

Good. Don’t do that.

Remember when the people called liberals were nonconformists? Yeah, they were the leading advocates of free speech. And they hated the Establishment and giant corporations.

I remember that.

What is universally acknowledged to be an utter failure in Afghanistan sure is a convenient excuse to replace Biden with Harris.

We knew it had to happen sooner or later.

So, the story of Tim Ballard, “Sound of Freedom”—about a man who spends his life freeing children from sex slavery—is finished, but is it not released? Can anyone provide an update?