I absolutely love this guy’s politically incorrect songs. A true pro, toiling in the trenches because he’s true to a message and sound that corporate twits hate.

Here is a thing not many people know of. In many countries around the world, it is difficult, even very dangerous, to be a Christian. Communists still hate Christianity, as do Muslims; in some place, even organize crime makes it hard. Read.

Crap like MailChimp and the whole DKIM/DMARC vomit is just a way to centralize email, especially mass email—a system that was once nicely decentralized. Makes me mad.

Americans once taught their kids the American system; we all knew how it worked. But the left gradually took over our education at every level and deliberately ended this essential tradition. Now kids are taught to hate the American system.

I’m still surprised at how much support erstwhile liberals are giving to viewpoint censorship on the biggest political forums in the world. “That free speech and political tolerance stuff we used to talk about? LOL! We didn’t mean it! Chumps!”

Today’s debate topic:

Resolved: That intimations is being “too big to fail”—applied to governments, corporations, other institutions, or super-powerful individuals—serve to show that conjectures about conspiracies might be rationally held.

Hard to believe but the evidence shows a guy who funded gain of function research @ the Wuhan lab was also responsible for directing Facebook censors. Truth less plausible than fiction.

Remember when YouTube threatened to start censoring videos made by “conspiracy theorists,” back before conspiracy theories were quite so mainstream, and a lot of people asked, “But why?”

I remember that. Good times.

I don’t think Twitter wants me on Twitter anymore, or my old peeps have stopped using their accounts. But my engagement levels seem to be way down compared to last year. That’s OK. Soon I’ll have bespoke social media software running here =>