I don’t quite understand. First, thousands dead indicates a degree of danger. Aren’t we simply debating *how* dangerous the vaccine is, then? And might it be even more so?

I think this is a reasonable way to put it: you can choose your gender. You should be able to go through life without being bothered about it. But you cannot force others to agree with your choice of gender.

In Logitech’s latest promoted video on Twitter, we see a contentless series of images of people, featuring especially Lil Nas X—rapper of the Satan Shoes, wearing a lightning earring—and the laughable tag line, “Defy logic.”

I remember when they’d throw you out of stores if you *did* wear a mask. I also remember conversations about whether face coverings should be banned for reasons of public safety.

English usage note to you rubes: #conspiracy is a crime (an agreement among people to collude in committing a crime or crimes). This is to be carefully distinguished from a theory or account of how the conspiracy was conducted.