Wow…Brave Search, an alternative to Google, DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Bing, etc., has launched. Already works. Can’t say I’m impressed that they use Wikipedia for their knowledge graphs. Try it:

I have no doubt that Big Tech, and perhaps other power players, specifically hire lowlife trolls to flood alternative networks with pretend, LARPing Nazis and other people who would drive away decent people.

Anybody, who knows about how Unstoppable Domains (@unstoppableweb) work…how do people send crypto to ksfound.crypto? What’s the procedure? Where is an explainer video or whatever? What happens if we don’t have a wallet for some coin?

What should we be screaming about? Answer this for me & RT for more.

Too much, anyway. That should tell you, if it weren’t already obvious, that we are losing a truly terrible cultural war, and we must fight harder on every front.

I’ve never seen Twitter throttling like this. Look at my last two PJW tweets. Four impressions after many minutes. Let’s see how this one does. Probably it’s because I tried to post the verboten URL a second time after deleting. Still!

Just a reminder. Voter ID laws aren’t racist; no, actually, white liberal concerns about voter IDs, that’s what’s racist. Watch some black people from Harlem school some white Berkeley liberals:

Think: if you believed there were various powerful, unseen spiritual forces at work in the world, if you thought many might not be benevolent, and if you admitted they might be deceptive, then—for the love of God—why would you trust them?