The more that the media and academic “elite” systematically deceive us and whip up racial tensions, the more I sympathize with the plight of the poor, and the more likely I am to look on them as my brothers and sisters—and the “elite” as enemy.

Never ever ever use Binance. If your experience is like mine and that of a bunch of other people, they’ll make your coins inaccessible for weeks or months at a time, without warning and without explanation.

I just got back the mastered files for the audiobook version of *Essays on Free Knowledge*. You should be able to download and listen to it soon.

The older I get, the more persuaded I am of the insidious danger of naïveté, which allows evil to thrive unchecked.

Interestingly, though, we can do something about this.

Sign of the times:

Two, arguably three, out of 17 “spirituality” periodicals for sale at the local (Pickerington, Ohio—a Republican majority) Barnes & Noble are Christian. There are well over 100 churches nearby.

Happy Easter anyway!

The irrepressible old liberal Pat Condell has finally produced a new video, this time in defense of free speech. He’s right, of course.