Lately I have often had the impulse to post, “The world is going absolutely insane!” But then I stop myself, because it’s boringly obvious.

If we lived in genuine socialist societies, rather than the Establishment left-corporatist societies, then governments would simply force Big Pharma to give away the vaccine at cost, or nationalize the companies because it’s so important.

15 min snippet from Tim Pool’s “Timcast IRL,” on which I appeared on Thurs. The very fact that Wikipedia runs a system in which anonymous jerks can libel 1000s of people without any recourse opens them up to a class action suit.

For the left, the only morally outrageous, dangerous riot was the one directed at its center of power.

Other riots are OK. Even urban centers in deep blue states can righteously burn. It’s for a good cause, you know.

Twitter’s having a login problem? Tsk, tsk…I’ll just have to use my own microposting website, Let me know if you can see this! Reply on StartThis, because I can’t get into Twitter.

Jane Eyre, 1943, with Orson Welles as Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane, screenplay by Aldous Huxley, directed by Robert Stevenson (a good un I think). Free right here>

If you cast negative judgments just because a person is white and male, I wonder what damning judgments you’re secretly willing to make because someone is black and female.

If you’re racist in one case, why not in others?