I love the fact that I could host this microblog myself, with the NAS and Internet connection I already own and pay for. As I wrote earlier [link], owning my own server is one of my best technical decisions. It replaced Dropbox, Google Docs and Cal, Slack, and iOS notes, and more.

Hey, if you respond to any of these, please keep the responses to 280 characters. I’m just trying to see how much sense the idea of using WordPress for social media actually makes.

I am trying to install the WordPress ActivityPub plugin for this new microblog, but am for some reason having trouble finding the feed via mastodon.social. Not sure what’s going on.

Has anyone ever made an exporter that makes WordPress posts out of tweets? Not on the fly…that takes a whole big data archive from Twitter and constructs a whole bunch of WordPress posts from it?

I want that. I will use that.

Let’s suppose Biden is right and we should all seek after national unity. Very well. What should I do? Assuming, as true American unity requires, that I neither abandon my principles nor my right to free speech.

Lady Gaga sings the anthem for the inauguration of a fraudulently elected president, who appears not only corrupt, but a traitor; not only that, but the media gleefully silences the evidence; not only that, but half the country doesn’t care whether the charges are true or not.


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