The single most remarkable thing about the UFO phenomenon is that a bunch of swamp creatures now seem to want you to believe in them.

I told Tucker: Wikipedia’s internal operations have become opaque; the Establishment twists them to its own purposes.

The solution is to make a knowledge commons out of all the encyclopedias.

I apologized to those WP has hurt.

Jason Alexander and Tracy Morgan with a hilarious (if crude) takedown of the “private” space race among “private” space companies and the, er, dicks behind them.

Former tech giant CEO says we NEED the tech giants intact and powerful because weakening them is “going to set us back against China.” Oh, well, in that case…LOL.

I’m going to say something unpopular but true.

If Western liberals really, really hated racism, if they championed equal rights for all, they would criticize India’s caste system a lot more than they do.

There, I said it.

Wikipedia has effectively abandoned the “publish, then filter” model. It’s so locked down that publishing and filtering are both permitted only to insiders, and only according to opaque, arcane processes.

In retrospect, the thing that convinced me more than anything that the Establishment had plumbed new depths of contempt for the common person is their total, callous disregard about the effects of lockdowns. It’s still shocking.


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