Knowledge Standards Foundation

The Knowledge Standards Foundation (KSF) is building a new kind of network: an encyclosphere. An encyclosphere would be a network of encyclopedias—an ownerless, leaderless, centerless knowledge commons. We want to build the “superset of all encyclopedias.” It will be like the blogosphere: think of it as a decentralized series of “feeds,” but feeds of encyclopedias and individual articles posted anywhere online.

Data from these feeds can be aggregated by different services, then developers will use the aggregated data to build encyclopedia reader apps, with none being privileged or “official.”

The new, non-profit KSF has been working on ancillary software and will soon organize broader discussion about how to formulate the standards (technical specifications) for this system (at

The KSF mission will never build an encyclopedia, or even encyclopedia app—just technical specifications and the tools needed to let others build the network.

The KSF is and will remain 100% independent of any corporation or government and is absolutely committed to other founding principles, including neutrality, credibility, free speech, responsibility, and openness.

Visit the Knowledge Standards Foundation ( today.

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