TIL I learned this person twitter.com/pulte gives away money to desperate people in exchange for them retweeting him and building his follower base. I’m not following. Seems like something an opportunistic sociopath would do, but dunno.

It’s quaint how Establishment drones really do believe that they’re going to be able to remake the culture. As if their idiocy is not going to rapidly collapse before their eyes, an embarrassment to them forever.

Why is the mainstream media so completely uncurious about all the many bizarre connections between rich and famous players who were closely connected to Ghislaine Maxwell and her long-time boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein?

Explain it. Amuse me.

Anybody: give me (below) a list of Wikipedia articles that libel/lie badly about individuals. Give me the article URL, lie(s), and another URL or several that refutes the lie. With enough info I’ll write it up for @HumanEvents.

I just realized something about @libsoftiktok.

It’s funny and fascinating. Funny because parody is funny. Fascinating because progressives now parody themselves. It’s *literal* self-parody. Amazing there’s so much material, too…

Purchasing cheap but short-lived goods when more expensive and long-lived ones are available represents hopelessness about the long term. Or poverty. But sometimes it just represents hopelessness.