If yoga isn’t a religious practice, then Christmas and Easter aren’t religious holidays.

The same reasoning applies: it is possible for non-adherents to do them for non-religious reasons. Well, yes, that’s true.

So you can’t have it both ways.

I agree 100% with PJW: public art should be uplifting, inspiring, and beautiful, not…this. At some point, the tendency toward uglification is revealed as naked, mocking contempt of all the little people. Maybe it always was that.

The next outbreak will be blamed on unvaccinated people who don’t wear masks—the unmasked unvaxxed.

Their collective crime in turn will be used as an excuse to push vaccine passports *hard* and further divide people.

By training the body to create spike proteins, which cause severe vascular damage by increasing blood clotting, the Covid vaccines are ruining your body, warns Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi in an interview by @AlexNewman_Jou. Don’t get a 3rd booster.

You don’t demonstrate your rationality, or your commitment to science, by scrupulously aping whatever Establishment scientists tell you. Science is not about repeating what other people say; it is about looking at empirical evidence critically.

Freedom is important not because we each are the best judge of our own situation—that is not always true, we are often wrong—but because of the disaster that inevitably follows when the powerful can exploit others without consequence.