For those defamed by Wikipedia, the system represents a catch-22. If you think of suing the WMF, they will cite CDA section 230: the volunteers are responsible. If you sue a volunteer, you’ll find it does no good; the system is responsible.

Foucault the pedophile. Hated the prerogatives of the powerful.

Reminds me of Allen Ginsberg.…

Y’know, I’m thinking that an appropriate response to people bragging about how much they made in #crypto would be, “Consider donating some of the proceeds to the KSF!”


My 10-year-old’s new hobby is…trading #crypto.

Seems he made $130 over the course of a year from passive @Brave ads. I let him transfer $50 to an account which he has been investing, and has so far made $14 more from trading, after trading fees.

We could use a constitutional amendment permanently banning social credit scores.

If the education and media Establishment really cared about and wanted to encourage ethnic harmony, beyond mere tolerance, they’d behave very differently. There would be more positive portrayals of friendship and less anti-white bigotry.

Just as the education and media Establishment have relentlessly encouraged (in the name of anti-racism) hatred between whites&blacks, and whites&Muslims, I fear we’re about to see a massive push to foment anti-Chinese sentiment. Resist!

Isn’t it interesting how the meaning of “anti-vaxxer” is morphing from “someone opposed to all vaccination on principle” to “someone opposed to forced COVID-19 vaccination”?

We’re supposed to take seriously this absurd claim that evangelical Christians and Catholics are “religious extremists.”

Know what I find extreme? Locking down and masking healthy people for months at a time.…

It’s sad & ironic that in 2021 an issue that divides the American left and right is whether racism against white people is an enlightened attitude. The left says yes while denying it’s racism. The right says no and demands consistency.

If you allow a child to determine whether he or she “transitions” without parental consent, it is a very, very small step to allowing the child to determine whether he or she will have sexual relations with adults.

What’s the moral difference?

The head of the Milwaukee local Drag Queen Story Hour org—who is also a judge—is in jail for child porn. Read>

BREAKING: Former President of Drag Queen Story Hour Foundation and Children’s Court Judge Arrested on Seven Counts of Child Porn

At some point, Twitter’s refusal to remove chi1d p0rn stops being a mere violation of 230 and counts as participating in the crime, @Jack>…