“Conservatives outraged that anti-trans book removed from Amazon”

says the Independent as if liberals are OK with books being removed >


Questions about your coin that supposedly rebuilds the Internet: (1) Are the insiders paying themselves massive amounts in perpetuity? (2) Couldn’t the value of the coin give whales de facto control over this supposedly decentralized network?

I have funding as well as a great developer working on a slick WordPress plugin that will turn your blog into a social media platform (like startthis.org only better). RSS will be a lingua franca enabling social media interoperability.

Pointing out evidence of election fraud is absolutely nothing remotely like incitement to violence. Both Twitter and Salesforce (owns Slack) have recently equated those things. This is ridiculous.

Why weren’t they censoring incitement last summer?

Is it just my fertile imagination or am I irrational for worrying that Archive.org, one of the great websites, is going to be, I dunno, restricted in the near future? Isn’t this too much dangerous info in one place?

When Kermit is cancelled since he’s supposedly offensive, the irony is that people find such stupid cancellation truly offensive. Read:

[beautiful_link_preview url=”dailywire.com/news/kermit-cancel…

Never ever fly the budget airline Frontier. Boy do they make every effort to make each aspect of the experience miserable!

Actually, what’s truly racist is the notion that objectivity and rigorously demonstrable truth, such as are found in math, are somehow special features of whiteness. What insulting, demoralizing garbage. Read:

Bill Gates Bankrolling Educational Organization That Says Math is Racist


Wikipedia’s “Socialism” and “Communism” pages contain no discussion of socialist genocides.

The “Socialism” page’s coverage of China says nothing about the “Great Leap Forward,” which created a famine killing tens of millions.


Wikipedia was the third draft.
The first two were called Wenipedia and Widipedia.

Hi @Expedia. Why is it so hard to print a simple flight itinerary? A single simple page with all and only the info I need. The fact that you don’t supply this shows conclusively that you put profits before customers (of course).

Here’s a picture of Batman.

Batman spotted in Turkey.