We need a 100% common data formatting standard for social media. It should be in the form of RSS; it is possible to extend #RSS. Already done? Does anyone know of an RSS extension that makes RSS suitable for use to express social media data?

The Senate portion of an impeachment trial has the purpose of removing the president from office. Since President Trump is no longer in office, he can’t be removed.

The Senate is free to pass a resolution condemning the previous president.

If you’ve had trouble accessing my microblog in the last 24 hours (getting a 302 error) it’s because I’m struggling with SSL/cert/htaccess issues. It *is* up and running:
(the s in https is important)

There isn’t nearly enough panic around here. I want to see some panic now! Don’t you know this is a crisis?

Bloomberg says climate change has the potential to kill everybody. Establishment Republicans—what are you gonna do? Read:

Twitter funding a decentralized protocol for social media—it’s asking the proverbial fox to guard the henhouse. Next he’ll fund a free speech nonprofit, I guess.

I’ll pass.

Liberals now reading this, who scoff at the very idea of the persecution of Christians in the 21st century: I want you to pay close attention, that you are indeed scoffing at that idea, because soon you won’t be scoffing anymore. Remember.

If claims in a new lawsuit, Doe v. Twitter [link] are true, Twitter refused to remove an explicit video of a 13-year-old sex trafficking victim. The video got over 167,000 views. Why is this not a criminal case? I’d like to know.


I don’t think about whether or not I’m racist.

No serious person accuses me of being racist.

I try to love all people. I am commanded to do so. People fascinate me.

I am bored by the MSM’s concern over fake racism, and by conservatives’ replies.

I’m experimenting with my microblog, making improvements, learning best practices. Then I’ll write instructions & improve requirements for a new plugin.

Love “WP Twitter Auto Publish”—featured images go to Twitter. Here’s me and my NAS!