Remember when it was a minor scandal that George Stephanopoulos went from the Clinton White House straight to ABC News? Many people thought that was inappropriate. I thought so. Imagine being so concerned about even the appearance of bias.

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We need a 100% common data formatting standard for social media. It should be in the form of RSS; it is possible to extend #RSS. Already done? Does anyone know of an RSS extension that makes RSS suitable for use to express social media data?

The Senate portion of an impeachment trial has the purpose of removing the president from office. Since President Trump is no longer in office, he can’t be removed.

The Senate is free to pass a resolution condemning the previous president.

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There isn’t nearly enough panic around here. I want to see some panic now! Don’t you know this is a crisis?

Bloomberg says climate change has the potential to kill everybody. Establishment Republicans—what are you gonna do? Read:

Twitter funding a decentralized protocol for social media—it’s asking the proverbial fox to guard the henhouse. Next he’ll fund a free speech nonprofit, I guess.

I’ll pass.