Our first seminar session with Web pioneer Jean-Francois Groff and Silicon Valley entrepreneur/apostate Peter Magnusson got great reviews and great interaction from commenters.

I think I’ll start rating burns people try on me before I block them.

5 – actually objectively funny and/or clever, blocking anyway
4 – stupid, but not as a stupid as most
3 – cringeworthy
2 – makes no sense
1 – either idiotic or not trying

The reason there is so little beauty in modern art is that the impulse to depict beauty is rooted in deep love and respect of well-functioning, natural life. Ugly art comes from a destructive, contemptuous impulse, a rebellion against nature.

Replying to @lsanger

…and if people with the most intelligence, strength, and vigor are our natural protectors; and if they do not bravely stand up; then they are complicit.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

A reason courage is such an important virtue is that, without it, no one will stand up to the inevitable scary, evil people. They will succeed until someone with enough courage does stand up to them. Meanwhile, torture, death, destruction…