Seems important and crucial to remember if true. Short. Watch.

Can one of you who trust in the conventional wisdom about Covid explain why her analysis is wrong and does *not* establish that CDC stats are fr4udulent?

It’s quaint that @Google thinks they have the right to centrally store my passwords for me. They didn’t ask. They asked to save them in @Chrome; I didn’t know they’d end up in a centralized Google Password Manager.

Deleted now.

Now I use @Brave.

Philosophy is important, because it concerns the meanings of concepts, not words. Indoctrination works through redefinition of words. Much of what goes under the name of democracy, decentralization, tolerance, and safety are no such thing. ->

Historically, when governments and corporations have committed horrific crimes, the people often denied they were taking place, or they justified them as appropriate punishment or preventive measures.

Lately I have often had the impulse to post, “The world is going absolutely insane!” But then I stop myself, because it’s boringly obvious.