Replying to @lsanger

My views haven’t changed; but the Overton Window is sliding left all the time.

We need to know their real, operational definition of “extremist,” etc. Is Covid skepticism extremism? Supporting Trump? Skepticism about the 2020 elections?

I want to thank the old-fashioned 80-year-old officer who pulled me over for driving 45 mph in a 35 zone in Baltimore, Ohio. It’s gentlemen like him that make that small town a more civilized place than the larger Baltimore to the east.

Much of the “woke” and “cancel” culture of the last seven years or so (it really started ramping up around 2014) is basically softening up the culture for an all-out attack on the #Bible and Christians. Just wait. It won’t be pretty.

I’m making a list of all the ways that politicians have deliberately screwed up the world. What are the worst? Inspire me—be creative. Did you know banning DDT killed more people than the Holocaust?

Also, add: “And they didn’t care.”

If @TuckerCarlson is making “Occupy Democrats” this angry, they’re just confirming that he’s one of the most effective bulwarks against the insanities and evil of the left.

But of course he is. Keep giving ’em hell, Tucker!

Theee challenging B-flat hornpipes: Beeswing, Vinton’s, and the Hiawatha. The American name comes from “Ryan’s Mammoth Collection,” where I learned these.