Hey, pharma shills. Take this message back to your bosses.

If you’re badly wrong about the safety of the mRNA/spike protein vaccines—as it is increasingly looking like you are—you’re going to jail.

The propagandists might follow.

WhatsHerFace covers Wikipedia’s shameless and hilarious re-writing of history after Robert Malone—the inventor of the mRNA treatment—came out against the vaccines.

They’re so ridiculous. Share this. Shame them, and follow her.

If getting 95% of the population vaccinated were the goal and then we’d see no new Covid cases, well, then there would be no cases in Israel.

Sorry. That’s not what’s happening there.

Watching the slow-motion crash that is the societal response to Covid, and responding meaningfully—it takes too much of my time. But if the worst I fear comes to pass, I will always regret not doing more.

“The risk of the vaccine is worse than the risk of the virus.”
Dr. Susan Vosloo, S. Africa’s first female heart surgeon.
Many medical professionals do not trust the vaccine and think the Covid hype is just that.

Trust the science!

Hey philanthropists!

Maybe it’s time to create a “Good Will”/”Salvation Army” for books. So these old books don’t just get thrown away.

Resist vaccine mandates with every fiber of your being. If they become law, it’s truly all over. Freedom would not come back without bloody revolution and possibly not for a long time.

I, for one, appreciate that Dr. Fauci takes the time to empathize with people and concedes, “I’m sorry, I know people must like to have their individual freedom.”

Very big of him.

I stumbled across this from the great Dave Cullen (of “Computing Forever”). I had to share. He & his neighbors have been harassed in meatspace locations, so he’s clearly still effective, despite being banned from YouTube. Kudos!

Would you have any interest in using a free beta-tester instance of the “Minifeed” social media software, like I have at StartThis.org? We (the KSF) will set it up. Looking for people with 1K-10K followers who are willing to really use it.