I’m supposed to trust the decisions of a Biden administration, led by a man never properly investigated for his and his son’s Ukraine/Burisma ties, if he chooses to go to war on behalf of Ukraine? Nah. Disaster looms.

The great Donegal fiddler James Byrne recorded 20 or 30 minutes of tunes for me about 20 years ago. Here are the first two, with me playing with him and then teaching each.

My old project teaching kids to read, Reading Bear, has been relaunched in HTML5. (I don’t know when the current owner made the change!)

Based on the method I used to teach my 1-2 year olds to read. Suitable for older kids.


“freeze peach”
“muh freedom”
File these under “Phrases Used to Openly Mock People for Defending Freedom.” Any more?

It is sad and telling that such phrases are used at all. Anyone who uses them confesses something shameful.

What’s Her Face is back, with another intelligent and droll take, this time on what happens when you live in a society when every need is met. Answer: infanticide, cannibalism, and disinterest in sex.

“The Tragic Tale of Reddit”—excellent expose of Reddit’s censorship regime, driven by greed and power-lust. (From last summer, but still great.)

So why is it the white people who aggressively push the notion of “white privilege” are rich, powerful, and educated—i.e., privileged—while their targets mainly seem to be poor, middle-class, and less educated—i.e., less privileged?

Librarians who destroy books are power-hungry gatekeepers. Their job should not be to choose, cull, and destroy, but to collect, warehouse, and make available.

There, I said it.


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