If your government strong-arms a large percentage of the citizens to do something they don’t want to do, you don’t have a democracy.

Here’s something else from Project Veritas for the left-wing media and the drones depending exclusively on them to ignore.

Yet another of many clear instances of voter fraud in 2020.

A prediction of bad news.

Liberal doctrines are made de rigueur by powerful ppl trotting out experts. See: gay marriage; trans stuff; CRT.

Well. Experts ready to swear: pedophilia is a sexual orientation & most are safe, so: lay off.

Why Dems lost
1 Extreme radicalization
2 Biden is a disaster
3 No jab no job
5 Ppl waking up to many big lies
6 Many suspect cheating in 2020
7 Hypocritical leaders/“elites”
8 No longer the party of the little guy