I think it’s fair to say the anime parody video by Rep. Gosar’s team was in bad taste. Did it represent a scary threat to AOC or other Democrats? LOL. No.

What is it smug leftists say? “You’re free to say what you like, just take the consequences”?

Well, today, Prof. Allyn Walker learned that the hard way. She’s been dismissed from ODU.

A victory for anti-pedos.

Naïveté, the unwillingness to believe how evil people can be, the incomprehension of the very nature of evil—these turn out to be some of the most serious problems of the human condition. Evil thrives in darkness—i.e., ignorance.

The radicalization of the American left has accelerated the natural rate at which young people switch from liberal to conservative.

What are the policies that split Establishment from anti-Establishment?
– Corporate welfare
– Regulations favoring MNCs
– NIMBY zoning laws
– Pointless interventionist wars
– Free trade
– The Fed
– Vaxx mandates/lockdowns
Go on!