Covid is a tool for revolution—for reshaping us.

Most significantly, it is prepping us to tolerate constant monitoring and control.

If this still strikes you as a mere conspiracy theory, just don’t forget it. Evidence is piling up.

The suggestion that religious people ought to have a special right to refuse the vaccine is incredibly wrong.

Everyone has a right to refuse the vaccine, because we all have a right of bodily autonomy.

The Biden ordered ICE to stop arresting people for being in the country illegally in schools, hospitals, churches, shelters, and more—ordering ICE to let hang out there without fear of arrest.

Open the floodgates!

Here’s an interesting question.

How many Satanic murders have there been?

If you start looking, you won’t be able to find an end to them.

I won’t give you links, but the answer, in short, is: a lot. It’s not a little phenomenon.

The Facebook company is now “Meta.”

They are going all in on the notion that the future of the Internet will be modeled after Second Life.