What happens when reasonableness as determined by conventional standards comes into direct conflict with rationality as determined by your own individual judgment?

It is disgusting and infuriating to me that academia has become a place where pedophiles can masquerade as serious researchers—”scientists”—and thereby defend at great length, over a period of decades, their thoroughly evil sexual proclivities.

They could have called Discord “Concord.”

I guess they didn’t, because they think “Discord” sounds cooler and edgier.

I’m waiting for an ultra-cool, ultra-edgy startup called “Evil” or “Wicked.” Maybe “Lucifer.” Now that’s edgy!

We’re not supposed to notice that the Bible is 100x edgier and more offensive to certain postmodern sensibilities than anything recently canceled.

That’s by design. “Last week we canceled Dr. Seuss, and now you’re defending the Bible? Monster!”