Resolved: That, as the profit motive is inherently centralizing, blockchain technology should not be used to build decentralized networks.

Protocols, not platforms.

Filthy lucre makes it inherently possible to transform a protocol into a platform.

Trump is the only president to have been acquitted twice of utterly ridiculous charges brought by a corrupt Establishment. Again, not impeached twice: acquitted twice.

By their actions, the D.C. swamp creatures have merely impeached themselves.

If you are (a) 100% devoted to Internet liberty (esp. free speech), privacy, & open source (also open content, hardware, and standards), and (b) you’re interested in nonprofit support of that liberty, particularly through old-fashioned distributed networks, get in touch.

If the current trial were legit & constitutional, the Chief Justice would be duty bound to participate; he could be impeached himself if he did not participate. He is not participating. Ergo, the trial is illegitimate & unconstitutional.

I wonder how much #WordPress spam actually originates from Big Tech bad actors who are essentially working to shut down a big source of competition.

If I were evil and wanted to shore up my market reach, I might do this. Rational strategy.

TIL Tom Brady is a football player, and that he won a lot of Superbowls, because Paul Joseph Watson, a Brit, made a video about the left being mad at him.

I guess everybody doesn’t think TV & spectator sports is a waste of time.

Hi there @Chase Bank, do you realize that when you cut off the business of some company due to their political affiliation, you are alienating everyone that shares that affiliation? Surely you know this hurts your business. You know? Mkay then.

In principle, I like the idea of crypto/blockchain content projects. But most, if not all, simply trade on the idea of “decentralization”—even as they (probably deliberately) remain functionally centralized. Sorry—I wish the news were better.

Tucker Carlson & Mark Stein brilliantly debunk the very idea of a “reality czar.” It’s incredible that we must debate this.

Educated liberals, if there are any remaining—are you still comfy with such insanity from the Establishment left? Really? Watch >